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Stephanie writes enchanting, fantastical stories for thoughtful, modern women.

Her new novel, Charleston Green, is an exploration of women's everyday trials and tribulations, with a hefty dose of southern charm and supernatural intrigue. New York Times bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand praises Charleston Green as "skillful and clever and funny." Kirkus Reviews calls it "an enchanting novel of a woman finding her way out of a midlife (and mid-death) crisis."

Charleston Green is now available, and has already hit the Amazon Best Sellers List, debuting as the #3 Bestselling New Release in Southern Fiction, and the #8 Bestseller in all Southern Fiction!

Her best-selling fantasy trilogy, The Cracked Slipper Series, is a fractured fairy tale set in a world of magic and wonder, but with a surprisingly relatable heroine. Publisher's Weekly described The Cracked Slipper as "alluring," and readers have called it "a fantastic find." The complete Cracked Slipper Series is now available!

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“An enchanting novel of a woman finding her way out of midlife (and mid-death) crisis. Alexander blends the warm humor of her characters with balmy descriptions of her Southern gothic setting. Her descriptions of Tipsy’s paintings are particularly lyrical… It’s a breezy paranormal read, and yet one with more depth than the reader might expect from the premise. In Tipsy and her ghosts, Alexander finds a story about the frustrations of love and aging, as well as the weight that history places on the living, particularly, perhaps, in the South Carolina Lowcountry.” -Kirkus Reviews

-Review of Charleston Green, Kirkus Reviews