Charleston Green

Advance Praise for Charleston Green
Coming Spring 2020!

"I am always on the lookout for exciting new writers, and once I started reading Charleston Green by Stephanie Alexander, I was captivated. This novel leaves the reader entranced;
the writing is skillful and clever and funny. I highly recommend this book." 
-- NYT Best Selling Author Elin Hilderbrand

Set in Charleston, South Carolina, Charleston Green effortlessly combines multiple genres- southern women's fiction, historical fiction, and paranormal mystery- into a wholly unique story of personal evolution and redemption. Heroine Tipsy Collins is a reluctant clairvoyant, but she's also a mother of three, an ex-wife, and a frustrated artistic genius. Tipsy's rare supernatural power is the quirky lens through which she rebuilds her life after her devastating divorce. She tackles parenting, dating, financial woes, and career challenges with relatable humor and southern charm, all while sharing a haunted mansion with eccentric undead roommates and solving their century-old murder mystery.

Read on for a quick summary of Stephanie Alexander's highly anticipated novel, Charleston Green!

If Tipsy Collins learned one thing from her divorce, it's that everyone in Charleston is a little crazy- even if they're already dead.

Tipsy cannot ignore her nutty friends or her vindictive ex-husband, but as a lifelong reluctant clairvoyant, she's always avoided dead people. When Tipsy and her three children move into the house on Bennett Street, she realizes some ghosts won't be ignored.

Till death do us part didn't pan out for Jane and Henry Mott, who've haunted the house for nearly a century. Tipsy's marriage was downright felicitous when compared to Jane and Henry's ill-fated union. Jane believes Henry killed her and then himself, and Henry vehemently denies both accusations. Unfortunately, neither phantom remembers that afternoon in 1923. Tipsy doesn't know whether to side with Jane, who seems to be hiding something under her southern belle charm, or Henry, a mercurial creative genius. Jane and Henry draw Tipsy into their conundrum, and she uncovers secrets long concealed under layers of good manners, broken promises and soupy Lowcountry air. Living with ghosts, however, takes a toll on her health, and possibly even her sanity. Despite her reknowned artistic talent, she can hardly put paintbrush to paper, and she's broke as a bad joke. As she struggles to forge a new path for herself and her children, Tipsy has a chance to set Jane and Henry free, and release the ghosts of her own past.