“An enchanting novel of a woman finding her way out of midlife (and mid-death) crisis. Alexander blends the warm humor of her characters with balmy descriptions of her Southern gothic setting. Her descriptions of Tipsy’s paintings are particularly lyrical… It’s a breezy paranormal read, and yet one with more depth than the reader might expect from the premise. In Tipsy and her ghosts, Alexander finds a story about the frustrations of love and aging, as well as the weight that history places on the living, particularly, perhaps, in the South Carolina Lowcountry.” -Kirkus Reviews

- Review of Charleston Green, Kirkus Reviews

I am always on the lookout for interesting new writers, and once I started reading Charleston Green by Stephanie Alexander, I was captivated. This novel leaves the reader entranced; the writing is skillful and clever and funny. I highly recommend this book. 

- Review of Charleston Green, New York Times Bestselling Author Elin Hilderbrand

Stephanie Alexander does an outstanding job of... outlining a mystery and the dilemma of a psychic who... has her own relationship and family dilemmas [and] finds her own psyche buffeted by too many emotional entanglements... a thoroughly engrossing saga.

- Review of Charleston Green, Midwest Book Review (D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer)

"5 Stars... [Charleston Green is] a genuinly enjoyable drama that uplifts as it unfolds...sure to keep readers turning pages from cover to cover...filled with Southern charm and realistically drawn characters... intriguing and heartfelt." 

- Review of Charleston Green, Reader's Favorite

"Stephanie captures the spirit of Charleston perfectly! This was such a fun read!"

- Review of Charleston Green, Charleston Book Girl Blog

"...alluring... Alexander writes sensitively about dreams falling short of reality... [she] does a solid job of taking a fairytale and remixing it with feminist themes and darks edges..."

- Review of The Cracked Slipper, Publisher's Weekly

"... fast-paced and believable... In this fantastical novel, Alexander has set up a strong chemistry and an unforgiving society...I appreciate the well-developed, complex, and strong female characters."

- Review of The Cracked Slipper, San Francisco Book Review

Stephanie Alexander gives happily ever after a mature dose of reality by combining magic with medieval conventions and male-dominant politics, adding a sophisticated and fantastical twist to the beloved Cinderella fairy tale. Readers who enjoy witches, wizards, unicorns, and dragons will be especially intrigued by the mythology behind the beautiful kingdom of Cartheigh.  

- Review of The Cracked Slipper, Anita Grace Howard, author of Splintered (Amulet Books)

Ms. Alexander weaves her fairytale world and modern day realities into a gripping intricately braided story that kept me coming back to the page. Hauntingly beautiful.

- Review of The Cracked Slipper, Ann Hite, author of Ghost On Black Mountain (Gallery Books/Simon and Schuster)

Stephanie Alexander has put an irresistible and compulsively-readable spin on the Cinderella story, crafting a sensuous and sumptuous tale that will captivate anyone who thinks they know what happens in happily every after. Dear reader, prepare to be enchanted.  

- Review of The Cracked Slipper, Erika Marks, author of Little Gale Gumbo (NAL/Penguin)

For the first time in a long time, I found a story I simply couldn't put down! What a fantastic find. Alexander weaves together a rich, detailed fantasy world and a complex, strong female character with the shadows of a favorite fairy tale to create a story I won't soon forget. I can't wait for the sequels!! This is an absolute must-read!

- Reader review of The Cracked Slipper,

Although Stephanie Alexander's novel is a re-imagining of the Cinderella fairy tale, she quickly builds a world and story of her own, so rich in characters, setting, and fantasy-mixed-with-the-perfect-amount-of-realism that reading it felt like discovering a timeless classic for the first time. No character is entirely what he or she seems, no answer as easy as yes or no, good and evil. Even the forbidden love between Eleanor and Dorian (who completely swept me off my feet, by the way) is complex, tender, and completely captivating. The Cracked Slipper is the rare gem of a fairy tale that I'd actually want to- and can- believe in.

- Reader review of The Cracked Slipper,

This book was an excellent story of infatuation, betrayal, magic, and love. It had a lot of realism of everyday life, but a touch of unicorns and dragons and magic and witches. I did not want to put it down. As a matter of fact, I read the book twice. Now I'm onto the next in the series...again!

- Reader review of The Cracked Slipper,

The continuing story of Eleanor and her not-so-princely-or charming husband and his best friend as he secret lover. This book had me turning pages and thinking of little else when I wasn't reading it. Great story with lots of twists and turns and a delight to the imagination.   

- Reader Review of The Dragon Choker,