True Indigo, A Tipsy Collins Novel


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TRUE INDIGO Presents the Heartwarming Final Installment
of the Tipsy Collins Series

"Tipsy is a fierce, interesting, and colorful character that you will feel empathy for immediately."

Bestselling author Stephanie Alexander’s new novel, TRUE INDIGO, the final installment in the award-winning Tipsy Collins Series, will be released on September 19, 2023 

As TRUE INDIGO opens, readers will be relieved to learn that things have been going great for Tipsy Collins, the Lowcountry’s favorite clairvoyant artistic genius. Her kids are happy and healthy, she’s producing and selling her celebrated paintings, and she’s engaged to the love of her life, psychiatrist Scott Brandt. Everyone in Tipsy’s life seems content, except Henry Mott, her mercurial supernatural roommate and wannabe literary virtuoso.

Henry has been brooding for over a century, but lately, his discontent has gone into overdrive. His famous temper is out of control and he can’t write a single sentence. Henry’s malaise and its accompanying destruction threaten to complicate Tipsy and Scott’s family blending while her ex-husband haplessly navigates a second marriage crisis. As Henry slowly loses his mind, a series of unexplainable events has Tipsy combing through ghostly memories, meeting new friends and reuniting with old ones, exploring and testing the supernatural limits, and, as always, learning some priceless life lessons.  

“Some characters really resonate with readers, and I've found that Henry Mott is one of those characters,” says author Stephanie Alexander, "so it's been a joy to focus on Henry and other ghostly favorites in TRUE INDIGO. Readers will find both Henry and Tipsy learning a lot about life (and death), and I hope their fans will finish this book with the satisfaction of leaving their favorite characters in a good place.”

"Five Stars," says Readers' Favorite, "Author Stephanie Alexander's writing creates a charming and engaging narrative that delves into the complexities of human relationships and the supernatural world. Reading this book was like reuniting with old friends and embarking on a last adventure with them after so many interesting twists and turns... [Tipsy] deepens her understanding of her own journey and how far she’s come, which was really heartwarming to admire alongside the thrilling mystery plot. Overall, True Indigo is the fourth and final installment of the Tipsy Collins series, and it beautifully wraps up the character's journeys with a blend of paranormal intrigue and life lessons...accomplished mystery novels with a lot of heart." 

The success of CHARLESTON GREEN and readers’ enthusiastic requests for a sequel encouraged Stephanie Alexander to continue Tipsy’s story. CHARLESTON GREEN won multiple literary accolades (20202 BookLife Prize for Fiction Quarterfinalist, 2020 Readers’ Favorite Paranormal Fiction Silver Medalist, 2020 Chanticleer International Book Awards Paranormal Division Finalist, 2021 Annie McDonnell Literary Award Finalist) and has received praise from best-selling authors and top editorial reviewers. The second Tipsy Collins novel, HAINT BLUE, was the 2021 Readers' Favorite Gold Medalist for Paranormal Fiction. PALMETTO ROSE was a number one new release on Amazon in the competative Southern United States Fiction category.

Kirkus Reviews says this about CHARLESTON GREEN: “Alexander blends the warm humor of her characters with balmy escriptions of her Southern gothic setting. In Tipsy and her ghosts, Alexander finds a story about the frustrations of love and aging, as well as the weight that history places on the living, particularly, perhaps, in the South Carolina Lowcountry.”